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Hey, Dr. Rick Lee here. I'm very impressed with this new breakthrough in canine diet nutrition. TOTUS™ Dog Food is so exciting because it's a well balanced, nutritious diet that is going to provide the vital nutrients and proteins dogs need for a long, happy and healthy life. I'm thrilled to have my pet on it, and I am sure you will be, too.

Dr. Rick Lee


As Labrador Retriever breeders, our goal is to give our dogs the best foods possible to ensure a healthy lifestyle. We have been discussing this food brand, and are all in. Bringing canine food back to the dog's natural inherent basic needs---brilliant! Let's face it, we love our dogs, now let's give them the very best quality of food so they pay us back with longevity. Good food equals a good life!

Lisa Arpaia

East Coast Kennels
Breeders of East Coast Labradors (TM)

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