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The TOTUS™ Difference

What is the TOTUS™ Difference?

Totus means the “total” dog. Our food truly satisfies the needs of our loving companions – body, tummy, and mind. Unlike most commercial kibbles Totus Dog Food is not the product of a marketing concept overlaid on a food originally made for another species. Perfectly designed to fit your dog’s needs, the Totus Difference is our commitment to healthier, longer-living dogs!

Why should I choose Totus Dog Food?

In the decades since formulated “dog food” replaced the ancient practice of feeding our dogs what we eat, we have managed to reduce the lifespan of the average pet dog in America by one-third and consequently introducing significant increases in generalized health problems. Made for the convenience or profitability of Big Agra, kibble-based foods were never made with the health of our dogs as the primary purpose. In fact, most people are tragically unaware of just how much of a price their loving companions are paying (with their lack of good health and longevity) for the low cost and convenience of kibble diets, which introduce harmful Advanced Glycation End products to your dog’s body. These toxins are a necessary part of kibble and cannot be avoided.

Do I need to cook Totus Dog Food?

Our food is made with maximum health and convenience as priorities. It is pre-cooked and ready to serve. Pre-cooking enhances the scent (more palatable) and improves refrigeration shelf-life (convenience). Made with the very best ingredients of only human-grade meats, vegetables, fruits and oils, your dog will find his/her maximal health when eating our foods without need of preparation.

Should refrigerate or freeze Totus Dog Food for storage?

Whichever is more convenient for you! Our food is specially prepared for weeks-long freshness in the fridge but freezing can expand that freshness to months for those who want to have some stock built up. Once defrosted, the frozen food will again be ready for weeks in the fridge.

Embark on the Totus Journey

What is the Superfood Revolution, and how does my dog benefit?

The Superfood Revolution is the feeding of an antioxidant-based, anti-inflammatory diet with a healthy balance of meats, vegetables, fruits, and oils, all while avoiding the toxic effects of kibble. This type of diet will result in a longer, healthier life for most dogs. It is revolutionary because the bulk of fresh food diets offered for dogs are heavily meat-based in a simplistic concept of dogs being “carnivores”, which they are not. In fact, your dog’s biology is much more like yours than it is like natural carnivores. Therefore, the closer your dog’s food resembles yours, the better.

Specifically, what are the “Superfoods” in Totus Dog Food?

From our ingredients list: Pumpkin, Apples, Bananas, Flax Seed, Olive and Wild Salmon Oils, Carrots, Kale, Peas, Turmeric, Kelp, Quinoa, Chickpeas. The only health claim most fresh dog food manufacturers can claim are the benefits of removing things like toxic Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), certain unhealthy grains, preservatives, and excessive sugar and salt. At Tōtus Dog however, we like to promote not just what isn’t in our product, but what is in our product as well. Removing the toxic ingredients is a great first step to improved health for your dog. Most of all, adding antioxidant superfoods will have a powerful impact on reducing inflammation, one of the keys to getting our dogs back to their natural lifespan with robust health.

Is Fresh Better?

Absolutely! Focusing on fresh ingredients not only promotes improved health, but also boosts nutrients and palatability. Processing such as canning or drying can deteriorate the quality of nutrients, fiber, flavor, and even natural color; all heat-processing for kibble or canning introduces toxic Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). Processing of any type reduces the nutrient content and strips away those vital antioxidants that support immune health and protect cells from damage.

Kibble is so convenient; why should I change?

Convenience is certainly a great benefit, but is it healthy for your dog? In a word, NO! Kibble is generally made up of grains and other high-starch carbohydrates like high-glycemic, genetically-engineered corn, wheat, rice, or potato. Worse yet is the high heat required to develop room temperature preservation, which introduces chemicals – known as Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) – which actively harm dogs. Reaching temperatures of nearly 500oF, virtually all nutrition is cooked out of the food as these toxins are introduced. Nutrients are then adding back by way of less bio-available supplements. The negative health impact of decades of kibble on these beloved family members is well proven. For all they do for us, they deserve better than convenience.

But my dogs think Kibble is so delicious; they scarf it down!

Of course, they do! Thanks to the last step in the kibble-making process. Kibble pet foods, which have cooked out all the healthy scents, and cooked in unhealthy Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), need to spray these chunks of food with appetizing things like fats and salt so that they can achieve their palatability “metrics” (think of a lab-coated, clipboard-toting person in a laboratory watching the dog for “scarfing down” – and then grading it). Our Fresh and healthy meats, fruits, veggies and oils provide all of the healthy scent motivation your dog needs to “scarf down” Tōtus meals.

What is meant by benefits to Body, Tummy, and Mind?

All ingredients were chosen with the total health and satisfaction of your dog in mind. In addition to the great physical health benefits of our superfoods, certain key ingredients are satisfying to your dog’s deepest needs. For a dog, satisfaction of his/her primal needs is the definition of mental health. By satisfying the Body and Tummy, you are satisfying his/her psychological needs. What better way is there to tell our dogs how much they mean to us? What better way to have your dog see you as the loving leader, which is the perfect human-dog relationship?

Can Totus Dog Food guarantee my dog’s health?

Of course, the health of any specific dog is a combination of many factors including genetics, selective breeding, and environment. However, the data is overwhelming that the general health of the American family dog has been severely impacted by poor nutrition, and it is by getting them back to their natural diet that we can solve that problem. Most of all, feeding Tōtus Pet Food means that our customers are doing everything they can to show how much their dog means to them by giving them the best nutrition they can.

Getting My Totus Dog Food

When and where do you ship?

Please type in your zip code below and see if we are currently shipping to your area. If not yet, please keep checking with us as we expand – we’ll get there soon!

Are Totus Dog Food shipments environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are! All packaging materials are bio-degradable or fully recyclable. The shipping container can be put straight to the curb with other paper goods once the food is removed and refrigerated or frozen, and the individual package can be put with other plastics. By using paper liners, we make disposal as simple as can be.

My Totus Subscription

How do I subscribe to Totus Dog Food and how much does it cost?

You can subscribe here {link}. Just answer a few questions and we will give you a recommended shipping schedule and feeding plan, with an exact cost per week.

How does Totus Dog Food billing work?

We offer our food by subscription only. Changing over your dog’s food – especially from a dry kibble – is best done over a week or more. Once you are on the healthiest food available for your dog, the best effects will be long term – his/her lifespan and long-term health. Therefore, it is better to set up a subscription and let us take care of it. Of course, if your conditions change significant, such as aging or physical activities, you can always adjust your subscription 24/7 on your account page.

Can I cancel or reactivate my subscription?

Any time. You can cancel or even temporarily suspend at any time. All done at your convenience, online, 24/7.