Long discussions of canine superfoods and nutrition followed. After two years of consultations with veterinarians, nutritionists, and chefs, they developed a precisely balanced, innovative and nutritious fresh dog food formula-with Emmy and Fred at the Collorafi house and the Gray’s Shadow and Petra – happily serving as canine taste testers along the way.
Several years ago, when Michael and Robert met, they were surprised to discover that, among their many other shared interests, they shared a passion for making healthy food at home for their dogs. Robert was so impressed by the sight of the Gray’s freezer filled with several months’ supply of efficiently packed meals lovingly prepared for their noble Labrador Retriever, Shadow, and sweet puppy Petra, that it prompted him to suggest the idea of starting a dog food business.
When Robert’s cat Mittens developed a serious allergic reaction to dry cat food, Robert realized the need to add a fresh cat food formula to the Totus brand. So, Michael and Robert went back to the drawing board and initiated the same research and development process for perfectly balanced and nutritious recipes which will keep cats healthy, fit and frisky.
We are proud to offer our great products to your canine and feline friends and invite you to join the Totus Super Food Revolution so your pets, like Petra, Shadow, Emmy and Fred, Mittens, Belle, and Crixus, can enjoy the benefits of fresh meals designed to meet all their nutritional needs.


Dr. Nathan
Ph.D. Nutritionist
Dr Fast Pet Food Consulting
Dr. Rick Lee
DVM. Veterinary Medical Director
Estero and Naples, FL
Lisa Arpaia
Owner, East Coast Kennels, Millstone, NJ.
30 years breeding World-Class Labrador Retrievers
Robert Rodriguez
Professional Dog Trainer
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