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The Totus™ Superfood Revolution

  • From mankind’s first domestication of the dog until the 1950's,

    dogs typically shared their owners' diet which could be anything from leftover bread, cabbage and potatoes, to the occasional bone and scraps of meat. Horse meat was a common staple of dog diets in the United States until it was banned in the 1970's.

  • From the 1950's to the 1990's,

    with the growing industrialization of agriculture and the commercialization of pet food, surplus corn from cattle feed was used to make highly processed, meat-flavored, dry dog food, popular for its convenience and ease of storage.

  • From the 1990's until today,

    pet food marketers popularized the wolf diet for dogs, predicated on the false notion that domesticated dogs, like wolves, are carnivores by nature and eat an all-meat diet in the wild.

  • Finally, the Superfood Revolution arrives!

    The Totus™ Superfood Revolution is the revelation that the dogs in our homes are not cows nor wolves. They are a special animal who is so close to us that they even need the same nutrition we do. Yes, your dog is more like YOU than a cow or a wolf and needs carbohydrates, fats and fiber in their diet.

  • Give your cherished canine companion the Totus™ difference

    A perfectly balanced diet plan that totally satisfies his needs.